Transition of power

By Hunter Roberts Opinion Editor   N othing is forever. In the real world, everything, no matter how seemingly monumental, ends at some point or another. And currently, the reign of Danny Booth and Phil Kantaros is almost over. Both are moving on from this school next year and as a class president I can […]

Harmful Humor

By Elizabeth Fitzgerald NEWS Reporter   H umor when discussing significant matters such as discrimination can be beneficial in transforming a controversial and sensitive topic into an openly debatable issue between communities. Dean Obeidallah, a Muslim-American comedian, addressed the student body this past Friday through humor. His comic anecdotes challenged Mercersburg Academy students to break […]

AP dance concert

By Ella Jane Reinhard NEWS Reporter   A typical dance tech week for me involves a lot of sore muscles, stray bobby pins, lipstick stains, the lingering stench of hairspray, and this time, the terror of my AP World Hisotry exam in the immediate future. Next week, many of my fellow dancers and I will […]


IPSL Champions

IPSL Champions

By Anonymous NEWS Reporter         T his spring has been a successful one for the Blue Storm. This is especially the case when referring to the various Independent and Parochial School League (IPSL) championships won throughout the season. The boys varsity lacrosse team recently beat Saint James School to achieve its first […]

Spring Soccer

By Thomas Yonke Sports Editor A s people passing Regents Field (“the turf”) early in the morning or late in the afternoon may have recently noticed, there has been a semi-large group of boys playing soccer. Soccer at Mercersburg Academy is not a spring sport; however, there has been a recent push by the new […]

YOWO – you only walk once.

YOWO – you only walk once.

By Thomas Yonke Sports Editor     L egs. Knees. Hamstrings. If you have been on campus at all this spring, you have noticed wrapped legs, bandaged legs, metallic legs, crutches. With the warm weather and rain, the injuries have also arrived in abundance. Grace Jackson ‘18, Daphne Valen ‘19, Jake Furigay ‘19, Olivia Keller […]


Tinkering with M’burg Mechanics

By Mathilda Zimmerman NEWS Reporter L ast week, a group of Mercersburg Academy faculty members put on a production of “Peter Pan” — but with a twist. The show was filled with comedy and plenty of jokes about the school, from chicken in the dining hall to the status of the field house. Last year, […]

Artist of the Week: Sera Chang

Artist of the Week: Sera Chang

By Andrea Yu  NEWS Arts Editor s era Chang is the concertmistress of Mercersburg’s Strings ensemble. She is a ninth grader and leads her fellow musicians with her years of experience as a violinist. She successfully performed multiple solos at the recent Spring Music Concert. Her passion and knowledge in violin makes her an outstanding […]

Ten Minute Play Festival

By Julia Tilden NEWS Reporter   W ith only a few seats open, people scrambled to find a place to sit in the Hale Studio Theater as the lights faded and a recorded voice told the audience, in a litany of theater etiquette, to turn off phones. The lights illuminated the center of the blackbox, […]