Wifi Cutoffs

NEWS Reporter A t 12:00 a.m. the wifi stutters; it is the first warning sign that whatever Netflix series you are streaming, fan fictions that you are reading, or research that you are doing will come to a screeching halt in exactly fifteen minutes. Overall, this daily routine that forces me to go to sleep […]


NEWS Reporter O When I first applied to Mercersburg, I had a lot of people asking me the same question: “Is Mercersburg a sports centered school?” My opinion wavers when it comes to whether our lives here are designed to be centered on athletics or academics. Usually, I consider Mercersburg to be a fairly balanced […]

Cultural Divide

NEWS Reporter M ercersburg’s student body represents 44 different nations from around the world. That’s at least 44 uniquely fascinating cultures that are all worth celebrating on campus. Even though it is completely possible to do so, the majority of those remain haphazardly represented in a brief announcements at lunch or with culturally incorrect meals […]


Boys Varsity Soccer Kicking It to the Top

By Annika Stewart NEWS Reporter M ercersburg Academy’s boys varsity soccer team has been preparing all season for the upcoming Pennsylvania Independent Schools Athletic Association tournament. In the the team’s first, they hosted the George School on November 3, and Blue Storm defeated them by an overwhelming 10-0. Before the game, Head Coach Carl Stensland […]

Girls JV Tennis

NEWS Reporter N o matter in what PGA sport or at what level, it is very rare that a team goes undefeated for its entire season, and this Fall only one Blue Storm sports team succeeded in having a perfect season. The unbeatable JV girls tennis team led by seasoned coach Jeff Cohen achieved a […]


NEWS Reporter C ameron Porter ’18 is a current post-graduate here at Mercersburg Academy who will be attending the US Naval Academy next fall. Currently, he is the striker on the Mercersburg boys varsity soccer team and has had a stellar season so far, scoring more than a dozen goals and assisting on several others. […]


Inspired by Im

Inspired by Im

By Eliza DuBose NEWS Reporter L ast year, Elizabeth Im ‘18 was a member of the advanced studio art class. Surprisingly, it wasn’t until her ninth grade year that Im first started painting. Her artistic influences are her mother and grandfather. Her prowess as an artist is immensely impressive and has earned her newest work, […]

Tech week: yay or nay?

By Megan McGregor NEWS Reporter Arduous, exciting, and rewarding,” are three words that commonly come to mind when the phrase “tech week” is mentioned in a sentence. Tech week, for those who haven’t experienced the intense process yet, is the week directly before a major performance, such as the Pop’s Concert, musical, and/or dance concert. […]

Poppin’ Music

Poppin’ Music

By Megan McGregor NEWS Reporter The Fall Pops Concert took place on Saturday, November 11, falling unfortunately the weekend before finals. The tech week for the concert began Wednesday and ran up to the day of the performance. While it was placed somewhat inconveniently for a week commencing all the hectic chaos, it allowed for […]