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Splendor of the Simon Student Center

By Joshua Abele and Alex Stoner News Reporter

The cavernous beauty of the student's new space.

The cavernous beauty of the student’s new space.

News Reporters Ireally like the layout of the new Simon Student Center. Eschewing the bunker/basement feel of the former Lower Ford student center, the architects of the new student center were able to change the atmosphere by incorporating an elevated ceiling, transparent glass walls, and multiple exits. In addition to the improved appearance, the True Blue Cafe has been added. I have yet to spend any money at the cafe but I have certainly en- joyed the smoothie samples and snacks. I also admire the new furnishings of the student center. The rolling chairs are not only fun, but convenient. Though some faculty might disagree with their use (read misuse), I feel confident that the majority of the student body would prefer to see these entertaining chairs stay. As far as the gaming layout goes, I think it’s somewhat congested. However, the ping-pong tables are a great addition. The Simon Student Center is a great place for students to congregate and socialize, and we are all very grateful for Ms. Simon’s generous donation. On behalf of the entirety of the student body, I want to thank her for her outstanding generosity. There is now a nucleus, knitting together the campus, complete with fun activities for everyone. In fact, the True Blue Cafe might have the best food in the tri-state area, and it is far cheaper than I would have otherwise thought. And the fire pit is absolutely incredible. The bonfires are a great way to bring the whole school together, and roasting marshmallows reminds me of third grade. They should build a second Simon Center for double the fun. All the new offices are so nice and easy to find, expediting the process of locating the faculty and staff who work there. The conference room is both spacious and utilitarian, able to accommodate an entire class or allow cohorts of students to hang together. Of all the amenities, my personal favorite is the new movie theater: the ambiance is simply unmatched. It meshes nicely with the aura throughout the building, especially with the incorporation of glass-engraved pictures. Although the Simon Student Center is in its inaugural phase, I believe it has the potential to become one of the defining buildings on campus and the center of student activity.

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