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Simply SiLoFoEdRo

By Amber Heffernan NEWS Reporter

The pristine walkway leading to the student center's entrance

The pristine walkway leading to the student center’s entrance.

ATTENTION: This is an official announcement. It is hereby declared that the new building will be called…. drum roll please…. SiLoFoEdRo! That’s right, after a long debate it has been decided that the only possible way to please everyone is to combine all of the shortened terms into one. But wait, that doesn’t solve the problem, does it? The name is still too long. The issue of what to call the new building has been talked about since they began construction at the beginning of last year. In my opinion, whatever the underclassmen begin calling it is what will stick. The only students who used Lower Ford before it was renovated are the upperclassmen, and, although the underclass- men may have seen pictures or even toured LoFo, they didn’t attend the school at the time that the original LoFo existed.  After this year’s seniors and upper middlers graduate, the name will most likely change to something new besides LoFo. After this year’s underclassmen leave, the name will most likely change to something else. This pattern will continue on and on because new students will call it what they want to call it. So it doesn’t matter whether it is called LoFo or the Student Center because the name will change as the student body changes. So call it what you want to call it! The truth is, no matter what you call it, Student Center or LoFo or SiLo, people will still understand what you mean and continue to have a good time there.

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