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The taste of True Blue

By Bea Morrow News Reporter

Ilove food. I really love food. I was excited about the True Blue Cafe’s opening because I figured it would allow me to eat more food, more often. But, it hasn’t exactly worked out as planned. Personally, I love smoothies, but five dollars? I’ll just buy an Odwalla and sulk in the corner. When I think of a cafe in a student center, I think of a place to grab a snack during my free period or get a smoothie after school, but sadly this isn’t quite true. I think the cafe is only open at night, but I’m not really sure because the hours aren’t posted anywhere. I have scoured the student center, the “This Week” conference, and even the Mercersburg website to find them.Menu I understand that it would be difficult for the cafe to be open at all times, but maybe the hours could expand to include high traffic times like Help and right after school. They have coffee out during the day, but that too can be spotty. Too many times I have gone to the student center to study during my morning free, expecting to have some coffee, and then been disappointed. While on
the topic of coffee, I wish they had French vanilla creamer in the student center. Half and half just doesn’t cut it for me. Caffeine rants and all aside, I am a fan of the True Blue Cafe. This isn’t to say that I think
there aren’t kinks, because obviously I think there are, but I think we should give the cafe a bit of a break.
It’s new and the powers that be in the dining hall are just trying to see what works. Because after all, the True Blue Cafe is for us and we should be able to enjoy it.

A student ponders the many options available at the new cafe.

A student ponders the many options available at the new cafe.


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