A Letter From The Marshall President

To all the Beautiful People of the John Marshall Literary Society,

It is finally here; the week we have all been waiting for is finally here. Irving MARSHALL Week. From the beginning, we Outlaws were different. We were destined for greatness. We didn’t want to settle for the ordinary. So we broke away and formed our own society. We knew we could create something new, something even better.

Congratulations on being drafted into the best organization this school has ever seen. “Hold fast to that which is good.” That’s exactly what we plan on doing. You are an Outlaw; remember this ain’t our first rodeo. A year has passed, and now it’s time to get back in the saddle.

You have all worked so hard these past few months and shown more spirit than I’ve ever seen before. We’ve got to keep that going. We’re off to a great start thanks to Josh Setliff’s impressive performance in the Debate. Let’s keep that momentum going!

I love my Marshall Family. We’re a team, and we support each other. Always remember that. It is going to take each and every one of you to win the week. Come out and try a new sport, play a board game! Each little bit counts! Show us what you’ve got! Remember there is strength in numbers! The more of us who show up, the better. Come cheer on your friends, get decked out in blue and gold!

Irving Marshall Week is undoubtedly my favorite week of the year. Being a part of Marshall is really a special thing. I could not have asked for a better group of kids than you guys. For those of you who are about to experience your first Irving Marshall Week, HAVE FUN! Enjoy every second of it. Go to everything! Just soak it all in. I can’t believe this is the last Irving MARSHALL week for us seniors. I would give anything for 4 more years of this craziness.

So my dear Better-Looking Marshall Outlaws, it is time for us to beam in our navy and glisten in our gold. I am so proud of everyone one of you! Shoot ‘em up!

CAitlin spiritBleeding BLUE and GOLD till I die,

Your President

Caitlin Cremins


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