Caution: Marshall declaimers take the stage

Megan Burke


Caitlin Cremins

Two time Declaimer and President of the Marshall Society, Caitlin is making her second appearance as one of Marshall’s preeminent Declaimers and as a veteran of the spotlight. The society has high hopes for her performance. After not placing in her first go-round, she is determined to capture a winning spot and lead the Outlaws to a third consecutive victory.


Maggie Collins

Impassioned and experienced, Maggie hopes to improve on her last performance. Two years ago, as a sophomore, she participated in Declamation, coming up just short of placing but gaining valuable insight along the way. Given Maggie’s involvement in Stony Batter, the audience can look forward to a masterful, emotionally charged oration from this returner.


Alex Jackson

Drafted in his junior year as a Declamation prodigy, Alex returns to this contest after taking a year off. One more Marshall Declaimer with former experience who similarly hopes to take a winning spot, Alex is ready not only to thump the Irving Society but to out-compete his fellow Outlaws as well.


Max Furigay

A man notorious for his deft expression, Max Furigay has always been comfortable conveying his thoughts. He spent a year as a Declaimer-in-training (DIT) and is now ready to show the school what he’s got. He has big aspirations for his piece this year and hopes the judges will respond accordingly.


Jacob Leebron

The only newcomer on this year’s squad, Jacob will boldly foray into the land of Declamation. Under the tutelage of seasoned Marshall officers, he has found his niche and will aim to carry the illustrious Blue and Gold on the back of his highly anticipated comical piece.

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