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irving delaimers

Whip out the curly-q piggy tails and hopes for a come- back because this year’s Irving declaimers are loud, proud, and ready for redemption! Check out this strong group of Upper- Middlers as they prepare to hit the stage.

Julia Gledhill

a Leo, would readily nominate herself as, “Most Likely to Become A Hobo” within the Mercersburg student body. When asked about the process of declamation so far, she hastily described the “twisty-turny,” unexpected whirlwind of excitement it has been. She always enjoys hanging out with her fellow officers and will really miss all the fun they have had together the past couple of months.


Annabeth Thomas

an Ares, tells of the grueling experience of preparing for Declamation. Yet, she knows it will all be worth it when her fellow declaimers take to the stage. She thinks she is “Most Likely to Write a Best Selling Novel,” and will really miss her Irving family at the end of the week. Recognized for her stellar performance last year, Annabeth is sure to wow both societies, on Thursday night.


Pisces Nikki DeParis

happily states that she is “Most Likely to Become a Hippie.” She will readily tell of the roller coaster that preparing for Declamation has been. However, she knows that she would not trade it for the world. She will miss her Irving officer family the most, but is ready to finally bring home a win.


Newell Woodworth

a Cancer, told of the determination it took to get through the Declamation process. He will most definitely miss all the practices, which were always interesting to say the least. He believes that among his peers he is, in fact, “Most Likely to Become a Celebrity.” Well, Newell, the stage is all yours.


Tatiana Purnell

describes the past couple of weeks as challenging, but she has no doubt that she’s ready to take to the stage. A Taurus, Tatiana thinks she is “Most Likely to Become a Professional Athlete,” and her performance in Indoor Track agrees. She’s not quite sure what she will miss most once the week is over, but she’s confident in Irving’s abilities to make a comeback this year.


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