Board means Business

By Maya Tetali
NEWS Reporter

n Friday October 14, a small group of Mercersburg alumni and parents converged on the Burgin Center for the Arts to conduct the annual fall term Board of Regents meeting. The body meets three times a year, once per term, and most recently they attended the installation of the new Head of School, Katie Titus. A few Board members were able to attend the ceremony, but the remainder of the Board arrived on campus Friday morning.The meetings ran from the time of their arrival until Saturday afternoon. This event commenced with a general assembly of the entire Board and split up later on into specific committees.

The Board divides itself into nine committees. These include Admission, Academic Policy and Campus Life, Buildings and Grounds, Advancement, Investment Committee, Finance and Audit Committee, College Counseling, Committee on Regents, and the Executive Committee, which consists of all the heads of the respective committees along with the president of the Board, David Frantz ’60, and the head of school.

“The day to day management is run supported by Ms. Titus and her fellow senior administrators, while the Board makes sure we are adhering to our mission and program [objectives],” Brian Hargrove, Assistant Head of School for Advancement and Secretary and Assistant Treasurer of the Board of Regents explained.

The Board of Regents is made up of 33 members, 6 of whom are elected directly by alumni through paper or electronic ballot. The rest of the members are elected directly by the Board. The Committee of Regents identifies potential candidates by targeting engaged alumni, parents, or experts in certain fields. The candidates then go through the process of nomination and election in order to earn a seat on the Board. The Board also has three “young alumni” who represent those who have graduated from the Academy in the past 15 years. Each Board member serves a three year term and the option of re-election at the end of that term, with exception of the “young alumni” who can be re-elected at a later date.

Board members attempt to actively engage the Mercersburg community by visiting classes and holding meeting with current faculty on different programs. For example, Peter Kempe, director of the MAPS program, gave a presentation about the recent changes and the future of the program during this past session.

Titus and the other head administrators work closely with the Board to ensure that their policy is translated into reality. This last meeting was the first for Titus as head of school. It gave her the opportunity to become familiar with this important aspect of Mercersburg. “The first meeting was getting to know the individuals on the board. We spent a fair amount of time asking them to reflect on what is important to them about Mercersburg Academy and what they think are the core values of the institution,” commented Titus.

When asked if she was nervous about the meeting, Titus noted, “We are all here for a genuine love of the school, which makes the conversations a little easier.”

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