Get Out

By Hope Sanders
NEWS Reporter

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Get Out was a highly-anticipated and much-watched movie this season, and it’s easy to see why. Simply by watching the trailer, viewers are drawn into the intricate story line. But after watching the movie, this reviewer can see why it is so controversial.
The main plot of the movie, without giving away too much, surrounds the story of an African-American man, Chris, and his interactions with his white girlfriend’s family. Using subtle clues, the director, Jordan Peele, did a good job of tackling the heavy racial implications while keeping it light with a comedic tone. One of the characters, Chris’ best friend, provides comic relief whenever some scenes get serious.

Like most movies that tackle race-related issues, there were mixed feelings towards the message it was trying to send. Some people went as far as to say that the movie was racist. In fact, that was not Peele’s intention. When asked about what the movie was supposed to portray, he stated that it represented what he feels is currently happening in the country today. The movie helped start conversations about complicated topics such as white privilege and interracial dating. Peele wanted the movie to help ease the conversation of race while also appealing to a wide variety of people. His attempt was successful; the movie recently surpassed Blair Witch Project as the highest grossing screenplay debut.

The film was able to catch a lot of people’s attention, mainly because of its structure. Each scene built upon the next in a way that kept viewers on the edge of their seats. The most important part was the twist in the end. The last thirty minutes had the audience wondering if they really saw what they did. This scene was so well executed, moviegoers couldn’t help but talk about it for a while afterwards. Peele did an amazing job of infusing issues of race into a background of horror in a way that was thought-provoking yet highly entertaining.

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