Amazonian Giant

By Matilda Zimmerman
NEWS Reporter


Amazon has been increasing in popularity among Mercersburg Academy’s students and faculty. From gifts to necessities, the online shopping site allows people to have products sent right to their doors, rather than leaving individuals to spend crucial time in stores to purchase these items. This is especially useful in Mercersburg, since many products available on Amazon would require a significant drive to another town. With Amazon, students can easily have items sent to them instead of coordinating trips to the mall. The service’s popularity on campus can easily be seen on any day after lunch, when students rush to the mail room to pick up packages, and the line often stretches from the mail window to the stairs leading up to the dining hall.
Recently, Amazon has been expanding its influence on customers with new programs such as Amazon Video, a service similar to Netflix, and Amazon Fresh, a grocery delivery service. Amazon seems to be growing and getting better by the day. The company has even announced plans to utilize drone technology so that they may bypass third-party shipping altogether. The abundance of services begs the question of whether this is necessarily a good thing?.
Steve McCombie explains that “[They will become] a monopoly, and put a lot of people out of business… If they are able to get their own fleet around the world, that will impact a lot of employment.” If the company goes through with this plan, then the jobs of many workers in the shipping industry will become obsolete. Amazon has become a resource for purchasing products, accessing entertainment, and receiving groceries. With one company being a source for so many aspects of a person’s life, problems are bound to arise.
Grace Neville ‘19 points out that “With Amazon, depending on how much you use it, privacy could be an issue.” Many companies have already been caught selling customers’ information, and with so many users, Amazon could be the next to do this. The company doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon either.
Many Mercersburg students predict that Amazon will continue to grow, such as HP Nguyen ‘19, who believes “it’s definitely growing… [T]hey’re innovating new products and cooperating with big brands like Nike.”
Amazon has grown and expanded its hold on multiple market, and most likely won’t stop in the near future. If Amazon puts its current plans for the future into action, then jobs and customer privacy will be at risk. The service has its benefits, but something must be done to prevent a detrimental and even drastic impact.

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