College Result Etiquette

By Katherine Reber
NEWS Reporter


A friend of mine – we’ll call him Davey – was recently denied from his first choice college, and when the news hit, and our whole posse was gathered around his laptop only to see those cringeworthy opening words:
“Dear Davey,
After careful consideration of your application to The University of Your Dreams, we regret to inform you…”
That’s all we needed to know. Little Davey was done in. He would never have a career – not even his own mother would hire him now – never get married or have kids, and nobody would come to his funeral. I, of course, received an email from The University of Davey’s Dreams around ten seconds later (it was my safety). I was accepted, and I didn’t really care at all, but now I faced the vast and dangerous landscape of Davey’s Feelings, and I was completely unprepared.
I just didn’t know how to break that kind of news. How do you tell someone that you will inevitably become more successful than he will? And then it hit me: I would tape that acceptance letter to my door right at Davey’s eye level (wedged carefully between my other five letters from schools I will not attend), so that the next time he came to my room for a casual game of cards and some sushi, he would definitely see the letter, but I wouldn’t have to take responsibility for the breakdown that I knew would ensue.
It turned out though that Davey was really proud of me and everything was fine, though it seems that allergies have hit him hard this spring. Whenever I see him his eyes seem really red and watery. I told him to go to the health center. Maybe he’s having trouble finding it. Anyway, I digress.
My point is, if you can find a way to very discreetly let your friends know that you are smarter than they are, everything will be okay. They might be a little shaken up initially, but they will come to understand their place in the world, and in that sense, you are actually doing them a favor.

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