Alex Nanos

By Thomas Yonke
Sports Editor


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lex Nanos class of 17’ has achieved a recognition among Mercersburg athletes which once was common but now in the age of sports specialization has become a rare distinction: earning a varsity letter in all three sports seasons. Nanos played for the varsity soccer team in the fall as the backup goalkeeper, started for the varsity wrestling team in the winter, and currently runs for the track team.
Being such a versatile athlete holds its own prestige, but playing at the varsity level of three different sports indicates both incredible talent and a unique work ethic. Nanos embodies these qualities in and out of the classroom, but he especially does so on the track, field, or the mat.
When asked about team dynamics, Nanos stated, “I really like being a part of team sports, and even on track where it is more individual it is still a big team, but you still have your own race.” Nanos expanded, “You do your best, and then you see your friends having their race and doing their best, and you know that everyone is working for each other.”

As both a track and wrestling athlete, Nanos recognized that of these two sports share a balance of team and individual effort. When a wrestler goes out onto the mat he goes alone. Likewise, when a runner steps up to the line in track he is not, in the literal sense, surrounded by teammates. In both sports, the competition is done on almost an entirely individual level; however, the quality of training and results of any race are totally dependent upon teammates’ ability to push and support one another.

Nanos pondered the benefits of each sport, paused, laughed, and said, “Honestly, I think track has benefitted me the most. Last year was my first year, and at that time I really did not know what to expect going into it, but coming out I was surprised by the number of injuries I was getting.” Nanos claimed that he pushed himself as far as his body would allow. “Coach Walker would come up to me at the end of practice and say that I needed to calm down because I was pushing myself too much.” As a result, Nanos entered a new part of his athletic career, which meant coming to terms with limits. “I kind of discovered a part of myself that I did not know about. I thought I could always do more and more, and what I discovered was that I had just pushed my body to its max.”

Next year, Nanos hopes to walk on to the soccer team at Purdue and to avoid future injury.

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