(Art Special Series) Artist of the week: Elizabeth Im

By Andrea Yu

Art Editor


For the next couple weeks, Mercersburg NEWS Art team will be publishing a series of articles, featuring Artist of the week.

Mercersburg News: What’s your background as an artist?
Elizabeth Im: I guess it started way back before I was even born. My grandpa is an artist and my mom is an artist, so I grew up in her atelier and I was always around paint and art. It’s something I was always used to, and I was always around it.

MN: What was the process of getting into the advanced studio art class?
EI: It’s purely recommendation. The “application” is my work from previous classes. The teachers look at your work and recommend you.

MN: Are you doing independent study next year, and what is it?
EI: I’m planning on it. It’s a free study but there’s a supervisor teacher who’s guiding you. It’s mostly for college and portfolio building.

MN: What’s your favorite thing about the advanced studio art class?
EI: Definitely the freedom, but sometimes it can be kind of stressful. Our entire class has been spending two weeks just brainstorming, and just trying to find what we want to do next because suddenly we had nothing in front of our plate. We have to come up with all the ingredients, and what to make. Also, our class bonding is really fun. We went on a New York trip in the winter, which was amazing. The food was great, and the art was amazing. We got to meet with some architects who designed the Burgin. Studio art is very stressful, but it’s also that much more rewarding, because once you finish it, you feel so proud. It’s so good, because your results come out as much as you put in. It’s like your baby – your thought baby.

MN: Can you introduce your fish art piece?
EI: To understand my fish, you also have to look at my girl underwater– which isn’t the official title. Most of my works were paired, and the fish was paired with the girl. It looks like me, the girl. It’s reflecting me, and how I’m like outside, but the fish is more free. It’s on two canvases and the canvas even breaks. The fish isn’t just a straight line, it’s curved and there’s more fluidity in it; it’s more vibrant. The colors are more bright. I was aiming to portray freedom, not locked up in the physical world.

MN: What’s the title of the piece? Can you explain how you named it?
EI: “Chasm in Persona.” The name was inspired by the fish being the “inner me.” The fish piece was like a chasm that showed who I am inside, and also because the painting is split into two so I thought chasm would be a good word.

MN: Are you going to continue art in college/your future?
EI: That I am not sure about, but I have a lot of things I want to do. Art is definitely one of the things I’m thinking of.

MN: How do you think your skills and knowledge from this class will help you in your future?
EI: I think I was able to experience a broad range of medium, techniques and styles through this class. We had all these great materials and I have more “colors” on my pallette.

MN: How would you describe your art style?
EI: This is really hard, I’m thinking…. It’s bright, but not very bright. It’s soft, pastel colors. The lines are pretty simple. I like portraits or simplified characters that are more focused on color.

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