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By Thomas Yonke
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Grace Jackson ‘18 rocks her ‘peg leg’ along with pirate garb

Grace Jackson ‘18 rocks her ‘peg leg’ along with pirate garb



egs. Knees. Hamstrings. If you have been on campus at all this spring, you have noticed wrapped legs, bandaged legs, metallic legs, crutches. With the warm weather and rain, the injuries have also arrived in abundance. Grace Jackson ‘18, Daphne Valen ‘19, Jake Furigay ‘19, Olivia Keller ‘19, Beau Lowery ‘18, and Brooke Wilten ‘18 – all sport variations of a spring “limp.”

Jackson broke her left foot on the lacrosse field during a game against Lawrenceville. “I was going in, driving towards the net and I was caught up by two girls and came out the other side on my back,” she said. Unlike most people who have foot injuries, Jackson is not on crutches. Instead she has been rocking an awesome metallic leg. This allows her to walk almost normally and avoid the sore shoulders that come with having crutches. When asked what she liked least about her metallic leg, Jackson stated, “Rain, because it makes me feel like an old lady. Whenever it rains, it aches, and I have to make sure to put a trash bag over it before going out.” She hopes that she will not encounter many more spring showers before saying goodbye to her metal leg.

Valen, by contrast, welcomed her injury despite knowing that it would take her a full year to recover. She also knew that this temporary injury might provide her with an end to her nightmarish knee experience – a fourth surgery performed on her right knee after the other three had failed. “I traveled to Lyon, France. Many people consider it to be the ‘Mecca’ of the knee world,” said Valen. There she endured a three-hour surgery in which the surgeons realigned her tibia as well as her patella. “I did not have many options. The process which the doctors thought would fix my knee is illegal in the U.S,” Valen explained. It has been nearly seven weeks now and Valen is slowly working her way off crutches.

Furigay had a more peculiar injury. Upon waking from a brief nap, he jumped from his top bunk onto the hard floor and immediately felt an odd sensation in his knee. After a few minutes had passed, he noticed a slight swelling in his right knee. Soon this swelling resulted in a large squishy lump protruding from his knee. “It really hurt, and it was just odd. Like I woke up and my knee was full of liquid,” Furigay recalled. This injury kept him from most physical activities; however, it did not inhibit him from singing with Octet. Recently, Furigay had his knee drained of the fluid that had flooded it.

Watch your step!

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