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By Henry O’Brien
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he 2017 Spring Music Concert was the final concert of the Music/Pops Concerts of the 2016-17 year. There were many great pieces from each section of the music department. There were some great performances all around from Chorale to Concert Band. So with this final concert, Brian Morgan has been through his first year of working with Jazz Band, chorale and assisting Richard Rotz.
When asked about finishing his first year of Jazz Band, Morgan responded, “Well, I’m not done, because the year isn’t over as we still have to prepare for Adjudication and be able to spend some quality time with them outside of rehearsals, you know some bonding time.”

Just as Morgan is settling into the musical life at Mercersburg, there are those who are saying good-bye.
Will Schoenberger ‘17 has been with the Mercersburg music department for not four, but five years. “I am not incredibly upset. I wish I had Mr. Hawbaker for my last year, but I had a great experience with Mr. Morgan. I have been in the Jazz Band for 5 years, it was great to perform with the band one final time,” said Schoenberger. “Mercersburg gives a lot of opportunities for music, like Jazz Band, Mixing Music with Mr. Morgan, chorale, band, and just going to the Burgin. It was really cool to have all of those opportunities at Mercersburg.”
A loyal member of jazz and concert band and Octet, Zach McDonald ‘17 is another senior that has been with the music department for all four years. “It was honestly pretty difficult knowing that it would be the last time performing with a group I’ve been with for four years but it was a great experience and a great concert. It was bittersweet,” said Zach. “It’s great being a musician at Mercersburg. My best friends and I all connected through music at Mercersburg and we often are making music together, music at Mercersburg has probably been one of the most important parts of my time here.”

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