AP dance concert

By Ella Jane Reinhard
NEWS Reporter


typical dance tech week for me involves a lot of sore muscles, stray bobby pins, lipstick stains, the lingering stench of hairspray, and this time, the terror of my AP World Hisotry exam in the immediate future. Next week, many of my fellow dancers and I will embark on a brave journey–to conquer AP exams and still perform our best in the concert.

Mercersburg Academy dancers work hard. We spend several hours a day, often six days a week, rehearsing to prepare our masterpiece: the concert. The spring dance concert is arguably the most important show of the year for dance. So, it comes as no surprise that the unfortunate scheduling of tech week during AP exams is seen among the dancers as a stress and a burden.

Luckily for me, I am taking only one AP exam this year, but even still, it is overwhelming to know that I need to prioritize performing well both on paper and on stage. Balancing the memorization of facts and choreography is difficult, and I know that this pressure will only increase as I take more APs. Next year, I plan to take four.

Most dancers agree that the last thing they want to have on their mind during a spacing rehearsal or a cue to cue is going back to their room to study for a huge test.

“It’s frankly ridiculous,” said Cherie Sio, who is taking three AP exams, one of which will occur during tech week. “We need time in between so we can do well in both.” “Painful,” was how Kat Patterson described the scheduling nightmare.

Dancers experience pain all the time. We struggle through blisters, floor burns, bruises, and fatigue. So the pain of the AP exams isn’t something we can’t handle. Our ability to overcome the busy tech week coupled with the dreaded exams only speaks to our strength and resilience. While the timing of tech week and the exams is unfortunate, at the final curtain call we will have accomplished not only a concert, but a different, more impressive feat.

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