Blue Review Sneak Peek

By Casey Nguyen
NEWS Reporter



ercersburg Academy is fortunate to possess a broad community of creative individuals, ranging from photographers and dancers to poets and writers, who aren’t afraid to express their ideas, feelings and even stories through their favorite medium. To express appreciation for and celebrate the work of these creative talents, student editors, under the guidance of Writing Center Director Michele Poacelli and Fine Arts faculty member Kristen Pixler will soon publish the annual, award-winning Blue Review literary magazine.

This year’s publication features over 40 pieces that represent contributions from various creative backgrounds, including Oxygen Machine, a poem by Elaigha Vilaysane ’19 and Soul Trappers, a prose by Lauren Ingram ’18. Also, for the second year in a row, the Blue Review will contain a supplement in digital form in addition to the regular printed version, allowing for the showcasing of an even greater range of creative works, such as music or student-choreographed dance pieces.

The 2016-17 school year marks the 25th edition of the modern Blue Review. The theme this year, determined by the entire staff, is “the artist’s process.” Cherie Sio ’19, one of the editors of the Blue Review team, said that it highlights art in “…the progression from [the] raw beginning to the final product.”

One of the unique design schemes of the Blue Review features the pairing of a literary work to its artistically corresponding artwork. “I think there is a great variety of work that our students submit…and they’re all in different mediums… and I think it’s really interesting how a lot of the artworks and the literary pieces, they go together and share common themes and express similar ideas. One of our most important jobs is to pair artworks with literary pieces, and I feel like it’s very fascinating to see how they come together,” said Sio.

The 2017 Blue Review will be released later this spring.

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