A Busy time for the Board

By Sophia Divone
NEWS Reporter


his year, change has characterized the agenda of the Board of Regents. At the commencement of school year, the members welcomed Katie Titus as the new head of school, and as the year draws to a close, the Board will say goodbye to two retiring regents, David Frantz ’60 and Allen Zern ’61. Throughout these transitions, the Board continues to demonstrate dedication to the school community and unwavering support for Titus’s vision.

The Board of Regents serves as the governing body of Mercersburg and is composed of nine sub-committees that supervise everything from academic policy to alumni advancement. Regents hail from fifteen states and represent a diverse group of alumni, parents of alumni, parents of current students, and friends of the school. Members are elected for a three-year term, during which they convene three times annually to discuss standard fiduciary goals and needs, and develop strategic plans to shape the future of the school.

In the upcoming spring meeting, “Mrs. Titus will work with our Board — and the school community — in a strategic planning process,” said Brian Hargrove, the secretary and assistant treasurer of the Board. He believes that “our school is embarking on an exciting period as we begin to dive into [this] planning process” and credits the Board for supporting Titus in her first year of leadership.

In order to maintain and increase Mercersburg’s competitiveness as an institution and its ability to maintain and attract students from a diverse range of backgrounds, the Board must effectively adjust to changes within the school community and sustain connections with networks of current students and alumni. Since elections for Regents are held every three years, new members are able to supply different perspectives on issues within the school, while long-term members provide comprehensive knowledge of the duties and past goals of the Board, accumulated through years of dedicated service.

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