Tinkering with M’burg Mechanics

By Mathilda Zimmerman
NEWS Reporter


ast week, a group of Mercersburg Academy faculty members put on a production of “Peter Pan” — but with a twist. The show was filled with comedy and plenty of jokes about the school, from chicken in the dining hall to the status of the field house.

Last year, a similar group of faculty put on an adapted performance of Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” The company, led by Kelly Dowling, assistant director of the Burgin Center, calls itself the Mercersburg Mechanicals, named after the Mechanicals from the same Shakespeare play.

This year’s performance, also a loose comedic adaptation, starred head of school Katie Titus as Wendy. History teacher Allison Stephens played the title role. Dowling cast herself (ironically) as Tinkerbell.

The play was staged during school meeting, and many students didn’t know what they were walking into. During the busyness of spring term, it can be a welcome diversion for students to have time to laugh and enjoy the creativity of their teachers. Events like this also bring the whole community, faculty and students alike, together.

“I loved seeing what my teachers could come up with when placed in a role I usually occupy. I’ll never again doubt that my teachers have as much creative inclination as us students,” Clare Liss ’18 says, showing how much this brought the community together.

Theater director Laurie Mufson, who served as the play’s narrator, explained, “I participated in it to support Mrs. Dowling’s wonderful idea, to build community with faculty members and to create a fun experience for or students. What could be more fun?”

People were reminded once again how theater can bring the community together and that having a moment to take a break from daily obligations for a moment can be energizing.

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