Transition of power

By Hunter Roberts
Opinion Editor



othing is forever. In the real world, everything, no matter how seemingly monumental, ends at some point or another. And currently, the reign of Danny Booth and Phil Kantaros is almost over. Both are moving on from this school next year and as a class president I can say that it has been an honor working with them.

Danny Booth is a three-year senior hailing from McConnellsburg, PA, who decided to run for school president last year. After his captivating speech in the chapel won him the popular vote, he continued to pursue the ideas that he had raised during his speech. One of his more controversial suggestions was the development of petition forms that would allow students, faculty, and staff to have the opportunity to suggest a review of a rule or a policy.  

Aicher Hearon ’19, the current Class of 2019 co-vice president, thinks that the policy sheet “is a good thing for the future of Mercersburg because it allows the student to voice their opinions.” However, some other students have different opinions about the policy sheet. Katie Brennan ‘19 stated that “it the equivalent of them[student council] giving us an opportunity for us[the students] to be satisfied with the council and think that we have some control, but in reality it is just another way that the student government can seem like they are pro-student to gain physical attraction from the student body.”

Danny Booth’s introduction of these policy sheets so far has received some attention as students have already started to file petitions, but we will have to see if any of them will lead to rule changes here at Mercersburg Academy.

        On another note, Kantaros, who has been working with the Mercersburg Academy student council for the last several years, is moving on. Thomas Yonke ’19, coming in as the new vice president, said, “Unfortunately, he is a great teacher who’s contributed a lot to the student government and kept us very organized and effective, and I hope that the person filling his role will be able to do the same.” During his time as adviser to the student council, he was able to bring up a new constitution as well as hold numerous successful events to unite  the school together.

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