Jillian Nataupsky

By Grace Jackson
NEWS Reporter


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illian Nataupsky, who currently serves as the associate director of college counseling, will be leaving the Mercersburg community at the end of this year. Although, she said, “it is going to be really hard for me to drive away from this place,” she is excited to meet new people and take the next step in her career. Nataupsky will be continuing her work in college counseling at Western Reserve Academy (WRA) in Northern Ohio, a place to which she was drawn due to its similarity to Mercersburg and rural location. At WRA, Nataupsky will have the opportunity to pursue her interest in holocaust studies and serve as the head of the dorm. This position is especially meaningful to Nataupsky because one of her favorite aspects about her time at Mercersburg has been living in the dorm. “The South Cottage tea party is one of my favorite memories each year. I love hearing the girls talk about how much they appreciate each other and how much they love living together. It is also a great way for the dorm to bond,” reflected Nataupsky.

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