The Cutting Edge

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The end of summer and beginning of school mean a week of PGA preseason for their students. The week involves har competition for spots on teams with limited space.
A huge turnout for soccer tryouts meant cuts had to be made due to the requirement caps for the thirds, j.v., and varsity teams. When cuts are made, students must redistribute themselves among the remaining options.
When this happens, Nikki Walker, physical education department head, helps those students to find a new PGA and works with other coaches and advisers toward this end. Walker reported that the number of floating students was “. . . four to five this fall. This doesn’t count people who apply for MOE or Community Engagement who had to find a different home. We can usually get students what they are looking for. We offer so many different opportunities, so most students can find a home.”
Walker also said, “Despite popular opinion, there were very few cuts made going into the fall term. Of the 4 or 5 students who were cut from their first PGA choice, those students and I sit down and discuss what may be available. There are usually 2 – 3 choices at that point in time. They are able to choose from what is available. I realize that what is available isn’t always desirable.” Mr. Hendrickson also added that, “I was not aware of many cuts being made this fall season.” This has seemed to be the case as many of the fall sports have ended up with full rosters for the season.
One of the students who was cut was Cameron Temoyan, who tried out for soccer and switched to golf after being forced to find a new PGA. “It [the transition] was very smooth, I mean, I would have loved to play soccer but golf has been great,” said Temoyan. Some of the transitions are made at the end of the previous year. Those who don’t make MOE or other programs can apply to a different one if they don’t get in or choose to do a fall sport. Quinton Reed, who applied for MOE, talked about going to Community Engagement. “It wasn’t to hard to transition as all I had to do was just apply for Community Engagement after finding I wasn’t in MOE.” Doug Smith, the head coach of the golf team, said, “We have had two players added to our team since the first day. One of them was cut from a sport and the other switched in consensually.”
This system of cuts and additions has resulted in teams having the best mix of available players; those who did not find their first match will be helpful additions to the teams on which they find themselvest.

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