A VOLTing Review

By Jerry Jaime Gomory ’19
NEWS Reporter



his is the third year that the school is using the personalized athletic program VOLT, seen in a pretty negative light by most students. The program has alternatively been called, “a low-key death trap,” “absolute shit,” “unnecessary,” and “forceful” by students who speak when faculty are out of earshot.

However, that perspective is more likely due to the fact that students are made to use VOLT rather than the quality of the program itself. “Since most of our students do not have an education in proper technique or exercise science, we believe that our students should use VOLT programming,” stated Nikki Walker, director of physical education.

The program costs from 25 to 40 dollars per athlete per year. That is probably why the gym faculty is so intent on having most athletes take advantage of its options. Unfortunately, you can’t force everyone into liking the same thing – cough, Kim Jong-un -. Even though VOLT claims to cater to each athlete, a lot of people think it’s too “one-size-fits-all.” Furthermore, a student stated she didn’t find VOLT useful because it only covers functional strength, but she lifts weights for aesthetics.

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 10.58.49 AMSome students have found VOLT helpful; Esteban Ancona stated that he likes using Volt because he doesn’t need to be thinking whether it’s arm, chest or leg day since VOLT counts those stats for you.

Walker stated, “Those who do the programming consistently see gains in strength, power and overall athleticism. Those who try It once or twice and decided that they don’t like it- do not see those gains.” Furthermore, Austin Curwin referred to the program as “excellent” and “very well thought out.”

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