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The Disappearance of Cinnamon Sugar

By Yasy Celikoyar
NEWS Reporter

On Wednesday, September 6, Jim Butler, the director of dining services, announced that cinnamon sugar would be removed from the dining hall in order to assess its impact on food waste.

“We removed the toasters at lunch and dinner to see the impact on food waste. Waste was reduced. The experiment with cinnamon and sugar was along the same lines. What we found out was that we wasted less food. Less food was sent back to the kitchen.” said Butler. “However, even though the food waste was reduced, many students were not pleased with this decision.”

“I just don’t think this step was needed because I don’t see a lot of people using it more than they should be. And for some people it is their dessert if they don’t like what’s served. It’s just a nice thing to have” said Grace Neville ’19.

On Monday September 11, the cinnamon sugar was returned to the dining hall. “We listened to the students, we took their feedback. But what I would like to point out is food waste is back up again. More sandwiches and salmon were sent back to kitchen yesterday (meaning September 12). It is too early to tell yet but from my observations toasters and cinnamon sugar may contribute to food waste as people choose to eat them in place of the food that we serve.” said Butler.

Students like Vilma Sakkinen ’19 were thrilled to hear the news. “I’m really happy it is back because I think it is a Mercersburg dining hall staple. Almost like a part of our community.”

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