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By Megan McGregor

NEWS Reporter

The Fall Pops Concert took place on Saturday, November 11, falling unfortunately the weekend before finals. The tech week for the concert began Wednesday and ran up to the day of the performance. While it was placed somewhat inconveniently for a week commencing all the hectic chaos, it allowed for a good study break for students.

Katie Owens ‘19 Magalia member said, “I don’t really mind that much that it’s the weekend before finals. I feel like it [gave] me a little break in between studying. Then again, it is a little bit stressful, but overall it doesn’t affect me that much.” Owens went on to say, “Tech week for the Pops Concert is pretty stressful. We have rehearsal almost every night and we repeat our songs over and over until the lighting is figured out and the songs sound just about perfect. It’s tough to balance tech week, studying, and socializing, but we all manage it pretty well!”

Clare Liss ‘18, another member of Magalia, said, “My favorite part of the Pops Concert is seeing what the Octet has to offer because we don’t get to see each other perform that often.” Liss reported that her favorite Magalia that night was “Don’t Leave Nobody but the Baby.” “‘Don’t Leave Nobody but the Baby’ is our legacy song, and I like it because Octet has a million legacy songs, but Magalia didn’t really have any [until recently]. Not only is the song really pretty, but it’s Magalia’s heart song now.”
Gus Wadlington ‘18 is a new member of the Octet this year. Wadlington said, “I think we had a very good line-up. We had a few surprises that I think worked. I’ve seen the show enough times to know what it was like but I had to get used to it being me up there rather than as an audience member.” The Octet and Magalia’s selection of songs included some of the pieces they worked on with visiting artist, Deke Sharon.

Cherie Sio ‘19, the pianist of Jazz Band, reflected on the collection of music for Jazz Band that had Latino roots and even some more familiar tunes, like Pink Panther. Sio said that the concert was a “…quick, relaxing concert to come to. It was a good break from studying to come and enjoy music.”

Groups performing in the Pops Concert included Magalia, Octet, Jazz Ba
nd, and Chorale.

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