Tech week: yay or nay?

By Megan McGregor
NEWS Reporter

Arduous, exciting, and rewarding,” are three words that commonly come to mind when the phrase “tech week” is mentioned in a sentence. Tech week, for those who haven’t experienced the intense process yet, is the week directly before a major performance, such as the Pop’s Concert, musical, and/or dance concert.

“To be completely honest, it is both the best and worst week of my life,” said Stony Batter member Priscilla Wadlington ’20. “I love that I get to spend quality time with my fellow cast mates as we wait for several hours backstage, but I also find the schedule really challenging, considering I am a day student,” she added.

Tech week normally consists of doing as much work as possible during afternoon study hall, running through every single lighting cue in the performance at least a dozen times, and long nights where you sometimes get back to the dorm after lights-out. “The hardest part of tech week is definitely finding a way to manage both school work with the production,” remarked Rose Potter ’21, having just experienced her first dance tech week recently. “We try the best we can to give 100 percent of ourselves during tech week, which often results in a fluctuation of our school work. Thankfully, teachers are really understanding and willing to extend deadlines.”

As difficult as it can be sometimes, tech week is essential because it is when each performance really comes together. “During tech week for the musical, it’s very evident how much confidence each actor gains because they finally feel as if the show is ready to be seen by the community,” said Grace Bennett ’19.

One of the best things about tech week is how strong the bond between students becomes because they are constantly with each other; students support and encourage each other throughout the process, which results in a stronger performance as well as a very positive and memorable atmosphere. “As much as we all joke about tech week being ‘hell week’ it truly is a great experience, and I wouldn’t want to do any performance without it,” concluded Bennett.

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