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A VOLTing Review

A VOLTing Review

By Jerry Jaime Gomory ’19 NEWS Reporter   T his is the third year that the school is using the personalized athletic program VOLT, seen in a pretty negative light by most students. The program has alternatively been called, “a low-key death trap,” “absolute shit,” “unnecessary,” and “forceful” by students who speak when faculty are […]

Rally In The Valley

Rally In The Valley

By Daphne Valen Sports Editor D uring the week leading up to September 8, there wasn’t a door to be pushed or a bulletin board to be passed on campus without the blue schematic title, “Rally in the Valley,” glaring at you. It wasn’t until Rick Hendrickson’s announcement at lunch Thursday that murmurs were circulated […]

A dream differed

By Michaela Wotorson Opinion Editor I n June of 2012, the Obama administration established the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), an immigration policy designed to offer people who entered the US illegally as minors a renewable two-year period of deportation deferral. DACA also gives its recipients work permit eligibility. On June 5, 2017, President […]

Against Legalization

By Joseph Bucci NEWS Reporter   P ot. Dope. Weed. Broccoli. Cannabis.   This drug, more commonly known as marijuana, has become a hot topic of debate, more specifically the legalization of marijuana for recreational use. Cannabis oil has already proven itself useful as a medical drug, helping patients with diseases such as cancer, glaucoma, […]

Pro Legalization

By Raphael Gotera NEWS Reporter   R emember when alcohol was prohibited in the United States in the 1920s and early ‘30s? It seems ridiculous now considering that alcohol has become a widely accepted element of adult social gatherings. Alcohol was originally banned in the United States in the hope of reducing crime and moral […]

The future of Sage Dining

As the school year began, dining hall director Jim Butler of Sage Dining announced upcoming and ongoing changes. The Mercersburg NEWS sat down with Butler to discuss what the future holds in store for Academy diners. NEWS: As you announced earlier in the week, there are some changes coming to the Mercersburg Academy dining hall. […]

Recruitment Favoritism or Recruitment Blindness?

By Electa Willander NEWS Reporter Mercersburg Academy has had numerous athletes pass through its doors in the past few years. Some have continued to play at the collegiate level and even a few have made it to the Olympics. In previous years, there have been a large amounts of Mercersburg athletes that have committed to […]


By Student NEWS Reporter Postgraduates are an indispensable facet of Mercersburg Academy’s athletic program, giving an edge to teams through their tremendous level of talent and expertise and offering leadership to younger, less experienced athletes. In previous years, PGs have proved these statements true in many ways, and this year is expected to be no […]

The Cutting Edge

Student NEWS Reporter The end of summer and beginning of school mean a week of PGA preseason for their students. The week involves har competition for spots on teams with limited space. A huge turnout for soccer tryouts meant cuts had to be made due to the requirement caps for the thirds, j.v., and varsity […]

Do nut-free tables actually make a difference?

By Brooke Wilten NEWS Reporter I am an ex-anaphalactic. Before my freshman year, I was deathly allergic to peanuts. But during the summer, against all odds, I luckily grew out of my allergy. I still have OAS, which is oral allergy syndrome, but now it only leaves me with an uncomfortable sensation if I ingest […]