Whole Foods

By Meghan Scott NEWS Reporter Recently the online shopping site, Amazon, took ownership of “America’s Healthiest Grocery Store,” Whole Foods. Amazon bought Whole Foods for $13.4 billion with the hope of expanding its platform as an online shopping site. Due to this merger, the prices of items at Whole Foods have begun to decrease, to […]

Transition of power

By Hunter Roberts Opinion Editor   N othing is forever. In the real world, everything, no matter how seemingly monumental, ends at some point or another. And currently, the reign of Danny Booth and Phil Kantaros is almost over. Both are moving on from this school next year and as a class president I can […]

Harmful Humor

By Elizabeth Fitzgerald NEWS Reporter   H umor when discussing significant matters such as discrimination can be beneficial in transforming a controversial and sensitive topic into an openly debatable issue between communities. Dean Obeidallah, a Muslim-American comedian, addressed the student body this past Friday through humor. His comic anecdotes challenged Mercersburg Academy students to break […]

AP dance concert

By Ella Jane Reinhard NEWS Reporter   A typical dance tech week for me involves a lot of sore muscles, stray bobby pins, lipstick stains, the lingering stench of hairspray, and this time, the terror of my AP World Hisotry exam in the immediate future. Next week, many of my fellow dancers and I will […]

Marine Le Pen

By Davis Anderson NEWS Reporter   T he political landscape was rocked by the recent election in the United States, causing a wave of support for right or far right ideologies; as a result, we have arrived at a major turning point for Europe: the French election, an election that has been, as Daphne Valen […]

Arena of Debate

By Seth Hodges Features Editor   Both of my years at Mercersburg Academy, I have been required to visit Washington D.C. with my English class in order to watch a play at the Arena Stage. Both years I have been assaulted by the same feelings when notified that my entire Sunday will be occupied with […]

Amazonian Giant

By Matilda Zimmerman NEWS Reporter   Amazon has been increasing in popularity among Mercersburg Academy’s students and faculty. From gifts to necessities, the online shopping site allows people to have products sent right to their doors, rather than leaving individuals to spend crucial time in stores to purchase these items. This is especially useful in […]

College Result Etiquette

College Result Etiquette

By Katherine Reber NEWS Reporter   A friend of mine – we’ll call him Davey – was recently denied from his first choice college, and when the news hit, and our whole posse was gathered around his laptop only to see those cringeworthy opening words: “Dear Davey, After careful consideration of your application to The […]

Parking Ticket

Parking Ticket

By Kevin Lee NEWS Reporter   J ust before winter term, I wrote an opinion article commenting on the peaceful protests in my home country, South Korea. Said protests have now borne fruit through the impeachment in President Park Geun-Hye on charges of mass corruption within her administration. In early December, the Korean National Assembly […]

Pre-college process

By Michaela Wotorson NEWS Reporter A h, to be a junior. You, yes you, were lucky enough to be a high school student in the most powerful nation on earth, and one that happens to have a failing education system; nevertheless, society expects you to succeed and continue on to higher education, despite the fact […]