The Simon Student Center Special Edition

Simon Student Center opening gala dazzles

by James Riford News Reporter  Click for The Simon Student Center Special Edition The ceremony marking the grand opening of the Simon Student Center last Friday night was a huge community success. This prestigious event welcomed many VIPs, such as benefactor Deborah Simon, Board of Regents member John Prentiss, Mayor Jim Zeger, Centerbrook architects Chad […]

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The taste of True Blue

By Bea Morrow News Reporter Ilove food. I really love food. I was excited about the True Blue Cafe’s opening because I figured it would allow me to eat more food, more often. But, it hasn’t exactly worked out as planned. Personally, I love smoothies, but five dollars? I’ll just buy an Odwalla and sulk in […]

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Simply SiLoFoEdRo

By Amber Heffernan NEWS Reporter ATTENTION: This is an official announcement. It is hereby declared that the new building will be called…. drum roll please…. SiLoFoEdRo! That’s right, after a long debate it has been decided that the only possible way to please everyone is to combine all of the shortened terms into one. But […]

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Country rockers infiltrate Mercersburg

By Rachel Rosa NEWS Editor On Friday, September 20, Mercersburg students and faculty filed into the Simon Theater for the weekly community gathering. Little did they know that two very eccentric and popular country rock stars would be sitting in the theater. These two musicians, Chris Lucas and Preston Brust, met in Nashville. Both discovered […]

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Behind the scenes: Simon Student Center

By Raven Kaur NEWS Reporter There is so much to be said about the casually elegant accents all around the Simon Student Center. From the storied glass panels to the rolling furniture in the lounge area, the new additions are proof of the careful thinking that went into building Mercersburg’s impressive new center of student […]

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Splendor of the Simon Student Center

By Joshua Abele and Alex Stoner News Reporter News Reporters Ireally like the layout of the new Simon Student Center. Eschewing the bunker/basement feel of the former Lower Ford student center, the architects of the new student center were able to change the atmosphere by incorporating an elevated ceiling, transparent glass walls, and multiple exits. […]

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The new building on the block

By Dikachi Osaji Features Editor With the 2013-2014 school year underway, Mercersburg is still celebrating the arrival of new students, faculty and facilities on the campus. After spending the last school year walking around construction, the Mercersburg community is enthusiastic about the opening of the Simon Student Center. This long awaited addition has changed the atmosphere […]

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